Welcome to 2016 IWCA

Barcelona, 1-4 December

Stars from 8 regions are coming together for the International Wildcard All-Star tournament!

All-Star teams from Brazil, Commonwealth of Independent States, Japan, Latin America, Oceania, Southeast Asia and Turkey are coming together to compete for the championship, with the winner moving through to the All-Star Event between 8-11 December.


Running from Dec 1-4, 2016 IWCA will feature four different game modes. The first three days will be a mixture of 5v5 and 1v1 matches, with the fourth moving teams into the Knockout Stage. Here, the top four regions will battle it out for the championship.


BRA Yang Revolta Kami pbO Dioud
CIS Smurf Zanzarah Kira LeX Edward
JP Evi Tussle Ceros Haretti Dara
LAN Porky Oddie Seiya EvanRL NerzhuL
LAS Helior ClatoS Plugo Warangelus Bear
OCE Swip3rR Carbon Swiffer Raydere Rosey
SEA QTV Levi Optimus Celebrity RonOP
TUR Elwind Crystal Naru Zeitnot Dumbledoge

5v5 Bracket

The Knockout Stage will see the top three regions from the winner squad and top team from the loser squad face off against each other. All match-ups will be played as a best of 3.

1v1 Bracket

This year's 1v1 tournament will be a little different to previous years. Players from Ice and Fire will be forced to fight each other gladiator style, with every 1v1 is considered as 1 match of Bo5 series.

5v5 Standings

Regions will be split into two squads: Fire and Ice. Throughout IWCA, teams will earn scores for both their squad and region, with four teams advancing to the Knockout Stage. Check the FAQ for more info.

Ranking Team Pts


Summoner's Rift 5v5

This one’s simple, every region will play a single team match in 5v5 tournament draft mode.

1v1 Tournament

Each All-Star player will take part in a 1v1 match on Howling Abyss. In true Rambo spirit, victory will be awarded to the player who obtains first blood, the first tower, or is the first to reach 100 CS.

One For All

All for one and one for all! Only this time there are five musketeers. Teams will clash in a 5v5, with each team consisting of a single, unified champion. The team that proves themselves the best mono-champ crew will increase their region and squad score by one.

Assassins Mode

Assassins unite! It’s assassins on assassins in a 5v5 mode consisting entirely of—you guessed it—assassins. The craftiest team to out-assassin the other will increase their region and squad score by one.


IWCA is an event with fan voted teams of Wildcard region competing against each other.
Wildcard All-Star teams will be split into two squads of four: Fire and Ice. During each game mode at IWCA, the teams will try to gather wins for themselves and their squad.
No, everything will be determined by pure win-loss record. Each victory in all of the 5v5 game modes will earn the teams and their squad 1 win. You can find more info on the 5v5 game modes by clicking here.
1v1 tournament will follow a different format this year. Players from one region will play only against the players from another region. That means there will be a total of 5 games between 2 regions to decide the winner. Region who wins 3 out of 5 will be awarded the victory along with and this will count as 1 win.
Knockout Stage will be a Best of 3 style competition which will feature 3 different game modes. Teams will start with a 5v5 Summoner's Rift match, followed by a 5v5 Assasins Mode game. If this ends up in a 1-1 tie, then the tie will be broken with 1v1 tournament.